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Why You Should Only Use Natural Skincare Products?

By Mohnnad Alshalalda July 26, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Only use Natural Skincare Products

When it comes to skincare products, what is put inside matters the most because these products are supposed to get absorbed in the skin.

If your skincare products contain synthetically prepared harmful ingredients then they’d also be dissolved in your skin which can cause severe skin damage.

A study on various skincare products was done in 2004 in which the researchers found that almost 18/20 skincare products had a small amount of Parabens which is a cancer causing substance. 

No matter the quantity of artificial compounds being used, they are ultimately harmful for your skin as well as the environment in the long run.

Organic, naturally prepared beauty products are a much safer and more effective alternative. 


Here are some of the reasons why you should only go for naturally prepared skincare products.   


  • No Side Effects

  • Most of the commercially prepared skincare products include harmful ingredients that damage the skin in long term. These products contains compounds like Parabens and BHA which are the main causes for cancer as well other health damaging problems.

    Naturally prepared skincare products contain natural ingredients which have zero side effects. The preservatives found in these products are also completely safe even if they accumulate in your skin. These preservatives include grapefruits and seeds extracts that are good for a healthy skin.          

  • Less Irritating 

  • Skincare industry is famous for products that claim to solve skin issues rapidly. But that comes at a cost which most people don’t realize until they had to face it themselves. Artificially prepared skincare products contain chemicals and artificial colors as well as fillers that although seem to work quickly, but ultimately damage the skin in various ways. 

    Irritation, redness, swelling and skin breakouts are one of the most commonly faced issues accompanied with the use of artificially prepared skincare products. Instead, use natural products like Pinky Clay Mask, Honey, Cucumber, Lemon etc. These products have a soothing and soft effect on your skin.  

  • Natural, bearable Fragrance 

  • If you think that your artificial skincare products smells good so it must be good then here is a fun fact for you, that fragrance has been added to cover up for the smell of chemicals that are being used as an ingredient for that products. 

    Even if you don’t realize it yourself, your body naturally pretty good at picking up such harmful ingredients. That is why most people complain about headache after use a non-natural skincare product.

    You should always go for natural skincare products because they have natural fragrance which smells as well as feels good. Some of the products like honey and yoghurt can also be used for aromatherapy. 

  • More Economic

  • Artificially prepared skincare products are generally way more expensive then organic skincare products. This is ridiculous because considering the native effects of these products that we’ve seen so far, it is like asking them to damage your skin and also paying them for it.

    Most homemade skincare products are extremely cheap and easily available. You don’t have to spend lots of money on buying different skin care products for different purposes. Some of the naturally prepared products serve as 2 in 1 for skincare problems. 

    For example, you can use honey both as externally as well as internally and it helps fight off skin inflammation and also rejuvenates the skin. The point is, natural skincare products come at a much more reasonable rate then commercially prepared artificial products. 

  • Environment Friendly  

  • All the artificial skin beauty products that you normally use contain compounds that ultimately end up getting absorbed in the environment. These are the chemicals that do not break down and as a result keep getting accumulated in the soil as well as in the air.

    Also, the manufacturing process of these products causes waste extracted during processing to be added to water which affect aquatic life to an alarming extent.

    Naturally prepared products don’t harm the environment instead they become a source of nourishment for it.          

    Final Thoughts:

    Artificially prepared products come with an alluring tag line that claims quick fix to your skin care problems, but you need to realize that they’d be harmful in the long run, for you as well as for the environment around you.

    You can also check out our store for 100% pure and natural skincare products that’d ensure the health, safety and youthfulness of your skin.     

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