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[In-Depth Analysis] How to Live a Healthy and Youthful Skin?

By Fahad Jee Collaborator July 24, 2019

   5 Things you must give up if you want a healthy and Youthful skin

Maintaining your skin’s natural beauty and attractiveness requires you to take regular care of it. You can’t just hope your skin to stay the same way forever without a healthy skincare routine. Where skincare requires you to do certain things for your skin, you also need to make sure that you don’t consciously or subconsciously indulge in things that negatively affect the health and beauty of your skin.

Here are the 5 things that you must give up if you want a healthy fresh and youthful skin    

  • Don’t use Scratchy scrubs for Exfoliation

  • Exfoliating at least twice a week is extremely important for your skin. But you need to make sure that you use proper exfoliation tools and techniques to perform that activity.

    For example, if you are using a harsh scrub for exfoliation, it’d cause skin redness and inflammation. 

    Use a soft scrub while exfoliating and no matter what, don’t use acids or chemicals for exfoliation. Gently exfoliate so that there are no scars on your skin.

  • Don’t talk unnecessarily on the phone:

  • Radiation emitting from the phone can cause damage to the skin cells resulting in severe irritation and skin breakouts. So, unless it is not needed, we suggest that you keep your phone away from your face.

    Your phone screen keeps getting contaminated throughout the day and it has bacteria and different kinds of viruses over it all the time. Make sure that you keep your phone’s screen clean before using it.  

  • Don’t Eat  lots of sugar:

  • Eating lots of sugary foods and sweets on a daily basis can cause early formation of wrinkles. Your skin may start showing signs of premature aging. Sugar increases the glucose levels of your body and produces glaciation in a large amount which affects collagen as well as the elasticity of your skin. It also looks your skin appear dull and dry.

    Cur down your sugar intake and if you crave for it from time to time them try switching to foods with less hypoglycemic concentration so that your blood sugar and insulin levels remain optimum. 

  • Don’t let yourself be stressed for a longer period of time:

  • Stress is one of the major causes of health degradation and in some cases can cause serious health problems. As far as your skin is concerned, stress can cause more oil to be generated on your skin which causes blackheads and locked pores on your skin that don’t go away.

    Stress releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline in your body with physical symptoms of irritation, annoyance and an overall feeling fatigue. If you don’t deal with stress, your body start showing the adverse effects of fatigue.

    Add fun and healthy activates in your day to day routine to relieve stress and most importantly, learn to manage stressful situations.     

  • Don’t use Artificially Prepared skincare products:

  • Commercially prepared skincare products include different kinds of chemicals as their ingredients. These chemicals are meant to do the job quickly but there is a cost for that. These products come with their own side effects and they are ultimately harmful for your skin in the long run.

    So instead, try switching to naturally prepared skincare products which are made from 100% natural ingredients.

    All skincare products are Vevain Beauty are purely natural and made with organic ingredients. Check out our products and see what works best for you.      

    Final Thoughts:

    Regular skin care is the only thing that can keep your skin healthy, fresh and youthful. We cannot stress this enough. Make sure to follow the dos and don’ts mentioned above so that you can enjoy smooth, healthy and vibrant skin. 

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